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Australian Tailings Consultants

Our tailings group (previously Australian Tailings Consultants) has built an international reputation in the areas of mine tailings storage and management, including testing, thickening, transport, storage and embankment design, closure and water management. The company is actively involved in continued research into tailings behaviour, including the support of post-graduate studies.

Our experience covers a wide range of material types, including bauxite, coal, copper, diamonds, gold, iron-ore, lead/zinc, mineral sands, nickel (laterite), uranium, washed sand and dredge residues.

ATC Williams also pioneered the introduction of the Central Thickened Discharge system in Australia and is an acknowledged world leader in this method.

We operate a NATA accredited testing laboratory in Melbourne, to carry out specialised procedures with mine tailings.  We also have an extensive suite of in-situ testing and investigation techniques, as well as a range of leading software packages for the analysis and design of tailings storages.

Over the years, ATC Williams has developed close working relationships with experts in allied fields such as seismic risk studies, testing for liquefaction analysis, and geochemical testing.

As we continue to expand the boundaries of our professional knowledge on tailings, ATC Williams remains focused on delivering the right solutions for our clients.